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Available for private lessons, masterclasses and coaching:

 ☞ acting through song

 ☞ audition preparation:

 ☞ college

 ☞ professional

 ☞ musical theater performance 

In-person or remote via screen
(Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) 

“Few highly talented and versatile actors are also brilliant teachers!

Evan Harrington is not only a very gifted performer, he is also an incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, sensitive, and  MASTERFUL TEACHER!
His energy and sense of humor quickly put students at ease, and his 'spot-on' comments inspire them to 'safely' stretch beyond their normal comfort zone.
Can’t wait to bring him back for more!!!”

– Judith A. Ranaletta

ROC City Singers

“Having Evan Harrington visit and work with our BFA Musical Theatre students at Fredonia was a joy. He was warm, generous and very insightful. The students were inspired and loved working with him, and I hope to bring him back very soon!”

– Jessica Hillman-McCord, PhD

Professor and Head of Performance
Department of Theatre and Dance

SUNY Fredonia

“Evan Harrington brought Broadway to our theatre in his impressive and engaging masterclass.
While his masterclass was college level, he connected with each of our high school students with where they were in their process and their skill sets to encourage them to take the next step in their training.
Our team can’t wait to have Harrington back with us again – on stage or in the classroom!”

– Eric Vaughn Johnson

Executive Director

OFC Creations Theatre Center 

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